Mold in Westfield

Westfield is a beautiful city that is growing rapidly. With Grand Park, highly rated schools, and gorgeous parks & trails; it is easy to see why people want to be here. It’s a vibrant city that offers a little bit of everything: good neighbors, lots of shopping, places to relax, and one of the hottest real estate markets in the country.

Unfortunately, life has it’s little problems, even in Westfield. Whether you are trying to buy a home in this community, selling to benefit from high property values, or just trying to live life; mold may be trying to disrupt your plans. Not to worry, though! Mold is a problem that can be solved. We can help you protect your investment, your home, and your health.

Contact us if you have questions, find mold in your home, or suspect you may have some hidden mold. We can often answer your questions and provide an estimate by phone or email, but if a site visit is required we provide free visual inspections in Westfield.

We have worked in hundreds of Hamilton County homes and businesses, including working directly for the City of Westfield.

Our Services

We have a specialized system for treating attics and crawl spaces which we believe gives the absolute best result for a reasonable price. Many mold companies will leave your attic or crawl space painted white; we can often restore the surface of the wood to look like brand new without resorting to paint.

In addition to attics and crawl spaces, we also offer mold removal in other areas of the homemold testing, and free (local) inspections.

What To Do in Westfield Instead of Worrying About Mold

We’re confident that we can handle your mold problem so you don’t need to worry about it. We suggest trying some of these other activities instead:

  • Visit one of the picturesque local parks
  • Hike the Monon or one of the other trails
  • Grab lunch at Big Hoffa’sThe Rail, or one of the other fabulous local restaurants
  • Get some shopping done at Cool Creek Commons or browse for antiques at the Main Street Shoppes
  • or if you’ve done everything in Westfield, you could visit nearby Noblesville or Carmel!