Who We Are

About Us

We are a group of hard working people who clean up mold in Indiana homes and businesses. Indiana Mold Remediation was founded in Westfield in 2001. We try to serve with honesty and integrity, and take time to find out about your needs to help you make the best decisions.


Our Customers

We have had a variety of customers come to us over the years. Businesses, governments, and many more have relied on our expertise and experience. A few examples of those we have worked for are:

  • Other Restoration Companies
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Home Inspection Companies
  • City and County Governements
  • Universities
  • and Hundreds of Home Buyers, Home Sellers, and Home Owners

In short, we serve the people who live, work, or own and manage property in Indiana.

Why Do They Call Us?

Our customers come to us for many different reasons. Some want to solve a mold issue to safeguard their health and their family’s health. Some need mold removed so they can buy or sell a home. Sometimes people want to get rid of that “musty smell.”

If you want to know why they call us, and keep calling us, you should hear it from them. Check out our reviews to see what they’re saying.

Our Team

As it says in the first paragraph on this page, we’re a group of people who clean up mold. We do it because we’re good at it, and it allows us to work together in the service of others. Isn’t that what we all want; to do a job at which we excel, and be among family, friends, and co-workers that will help us accomplish our goals?

We built our business on the importance of honesty and integrity, and that every person has value. This is true whether they are customer, co-worker, or anybody else. We don’t claim to be the right company for every project or every potential customer. We just want to show you who we are and what we’re about so that you can make an informed decision.