Virus Decontamination Cleaning

What is Coronavirus?


According to the CDC: Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses. Some cause illness in people, and others, such as canine and feline Corona viruses, only infect animals. Rarely, animal coronaviruses that infect animals have emerged to infect people and can spread between people. This is suspected to have occurred for the virus that causes COVID-19. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) are two other examples of coronaviruses that originated from animals and then spread to people”


Generally coronaviruses cause mild respiratory illness in humans. The new coronavirus (COVID-19) appears to have a much more dramatic impact on some individuals, especially older or immunocompromised individuals and the health authorities throughout the world are woking to limit the spread of the virus to minimize the impact it has on us all.

Indiana Mold Remediation has a long record of interior decontamination cleaning of surfaces for mold. In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we wanted to let our clients know that we have the experience and the products to effectively clean and disinfect surfaces for bacterial and viral concerns. We use products that are developed to deal with the most difficult viruses and eliminate them from surfaces. Generally clean surfaces can be treated immediately while surfaces that are visibly dirty would first need to be cleaned. Fogging equipment then disperses the disinfectant products to cover target surfaces with only enough product to perform its job and minimize the impact on both the building structure and contents.

It is our belief that, in most cases, time will effectively eliminate the risk of buildings and residences once infected people are no longer present or contagious. The most likely way to get the current coronavirus is to be in close proximity to someone who already has it, not from surfaces affected. A recent joint study,(   indicated that the virus can remain viable (able to cause illness) for up to 3 hours in the air and for 2-3 days on some surfaces. Given time, the virus breaks down in the environment and the risk of infection diminishes significantly. The best way to avoid getting the virus is to practice good hygiene (washing hands), avoid infected people and places they may have been, and do routine cleaning of surfaces prone to be touched by individuals (like doorknobs). If you are sick stay home and if you are out avoid touching your face with your hands until you’ve washed them or used hand sanitizer.

While the need for immediate decontamination cleaning is unlikely for most people or businesses, IMR can provide this level of cleaning for a rapid return to normalcy or simply for the needed peace of mind for homeowners, governmental buildings, property managers or businesses. Please let us know how we can help in any way.


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